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Born with cystic fibrosis, Josh Llewellyn-Jones OBE was given 10% chance of surviving his first night due to complications. Growing up, he was told he wouldn’t make it to 30. At 32, he became a World Record Holder for lifting 1 million kilos in under 24hrs which gave him the nickname ‘Million Kilo Man’.

In 2019, he completed his first ever triathlon and swam 21 miles, cycled 200 miles and ran 160 miles, all in 5 days continuously. He’s since completed 24hrs of non-stop squats followed 4 weeks later by a 24hr run which saw him tear his quad after hour 5 yet, went on to run a total of 69.2 miles.

These all seem like physical feats of endurance but what sits behind these performances is the mental strength and belief that truly anything is possible with the right mindset. Josh was told all his goals would be impossible. Despite being told about his perceived ‘limitations’, he’s achieved everything he’s set out to achieve. Without this mindset, he wouldn’t be alive today.


As a Performance Coach within the MKM family, Josh has helped people break through perceived barriers within their personal lives, their business’ and their relationships.


Josh formed MKM Coaching with Steve Thomson, Steve is a highly accomplished strategic planning coach. Together they lead a team of highly experienced and exceptional coaches, and IT professionals. The team includes relationship coaches, financial coaches and strategic accountants, to help both our personal clients and business clients alike. MKM Coaching was formed with the primary vision - ‘To help 1 million people change their lives by unlocking the full potential of their mind.’

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MKM Coaching is more than just a team, it’s a family working towards removing limiting beliefs. MKM is made up of a team of coaches who will be supporting you on your journey to whatever you want to achieve. So be careful what you wish for!

Join MKM Coaching today and start your own journey towards success.


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