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The MKM Coaching journey is a holistic one. How can we work hard towards your personal, professional and relationship goals if your health & wellbeing isn’t where it needs to be? Without your health, there is no overall success.


Josh has worked hard throughout his life to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul despite having an incurable disease. It’s another key to unlocking your true potential in every area of your life.


We know the importance of your mental health. It’s arguably more important than your physical health. However, we also know it’s connected to your gut. Working with Josh and his team, you’ll create good habits that help your health and remove bad habits that are harming your health.

The positive psychology approach will create long-term goals and remove any limiting beliefs. You may have goals which include being fit and healthy at 50, 60, 70 and above. For that to happen we need to work hard now and create a solid foundation of positive habits that enable positive outcomes.


As Health & Wellbeing coaches, we’re not doctors and we’re not nutritionists. We will however, be able to create sustainable plans to make sure your short term changes will help you succeed with your long term goals.



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