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Love & connection are human needs we all desire. In having a deeper understanding of our own personality, we can learn to work in better harmony with those around us.


One of the longest studies (and still ongoing) carried out around what makes a good life, started over 75 years ago by Harvard University. The results are astounding and show just how powerful having love and connection is and the impact good and bad relationships have on our health.


Whilst most people have goals around their work and finances, having goals around our relationships are often overlooked. As part of the MKM Coaching journey, you’ll learn to remove limiting beliefs surrounding your relationships, understand your needs from partners, family and friends, and learn how to have a positive impact on those closest to you.


Our perception of healthy relationships has been tragically stained by social media in recent years. It’s important to realise what real happiness looks and feels like.


Couples who are truly in love can bicker every day, but knowing they ‘have each others backs’ when it matters, is what offers real love and connection. Setting relationship boundaries is an important part of forming a true ‘team’ environment and understanding what each of you expect from the relationship, can help communication within that relationship.


Through MKM Coaching you’ll strengthen existing friendships and relationships with family members however most importantly, be able to identify who’s good and bad for your life.


This journey of self discovery may impact you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. You’ll become more self-aware and therefore more aware of those around you and the impact they have on you.


If you want to have better, more loving and meaningful relationships, get in touch today to start your journey.


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