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Josh has undergone a journey of self-discovery as a successful ultra-athlete allowing the delivery of truly inspirational talks on wellbeing and performance. Josh has undertaken significant training in performance coaching and now has a new mission to change a million lives through MKM Coaching by unlocking clients full potential.

Having undertaken a number of inspirational and motivational talks on behalf of companies and charities alike, Josh is available for bookings with your organisation.


For further information please review Josh's story below.

Since the day he was born, Josh has defied all odds. Given 10% chance of surviving his first night to then grow up being told he wouldn’t make it to 30, Josh is living proof that the power of the mind can have truly astounding effects.


Over the years, he’s been able to push his body and mind to the limits and shown millions of people worldwide through social media, what can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

At 17 he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and had a sparring match with former European Heavyweight Scott Welch. At 21 he was knocked down by twisted intestines and was told to say goodbye to his family. After a year long battle he came back and decided to dedicate his life to helping others.


At the age of 29, he decided he wanted to celebrate the birthday he was always told he wouldn’t make by completing the ‘24hr World’s Fittest Man Challenge’ which saw him complete a 100 mile cycle, 10 mile run, 10 mile row, 10 mile cross train, 2 mile swim, lift 100 tonnes, 3000 sit-ups, 1000 press ups and 1000 squats. He completed it in 22hrs10 minutes and was the 4th person in the world to successfully complete the challenge with three, two minute breaks. He then went on to do another 10 mile row to finish the 24hrs.


In 2018, Josh then set his sights on a World Record. Not wanting to just beat the old world record of lifting 475,000 kilos in 24hrs. Josh decided to lift 1,000,000 kilos and completed the challenge in 22hrs11mins which equates to 755kg’s every minute, whilst he had a broken hand.


Since then, Josh has completed many ultra endurance events including more recently completing a 24hr run with stress fractures in both legs. He tore his quad after just 20 miles but continued the challenge to finish on 69.2 miles in the 24th hour.


A truly inspirational individual, Josh has raised nearly £1m for charities and set up his own children’s charity ‘CF Warriors’ to help children with cystic fibrosis all over the world get into sport and exercise to help them live healthier, happier and longer lives.


As a speaker, Josh has inspired, motivated and removed limiting beliefs from ten’s of thousands of people all over Europe. Whatever the demographic, Josh connects with everyone in the audience and through his passion for getting the most out of people, you’ll come away with a new zest for life and achieving your goals, whatever life has to throw at you.


  • 2017 - Worlds Fittest Man Challenge (4th in the World)

  • 2018 - World Record for lifting 1 million kilos in 24hrs

  • 2018 - Pride of Britain Winner

  • 2019 - Pride of Sport Winner

  • 2019 - Received OBE 

Giving a Speech


Robin Sheppard
CEO, Bespoke Hotels

"Josh Llewellyn-Jones is a class act. A handsome man with a wicked smile and terrific stage presence, he has turned his singular disadvantage into the most compelling and wondrous cause.


You want to laugh and to cry when you hear Josh speak and no one leaves a room after a Josh presentation without reviewing their take on life.


Harrowing, spirited, humorous, spell-binding, uplifting and beguiling. All of these words describe an hour in his company.


As good and as worthy a speaker as you could ever hope to work with."


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